Antwan Edwards

Director of Visual Communications

Antwan Edwards, an accomplished Director of Visual Communications, brings a unique perspective to his work, originating from the beautiful island of Bermuda and recently relocating to the United States. With a strong background in art direction and over a decade of experience, Antwan excels in crafting captivating digital content that drives brand awareness and boosts sales. His expertise in Real Estate Sales and 3D/2D animation adds a distinct flavor to his projects, propelling them to new creative heights.

Leveraging industry-leading tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Google Workspace, and Hootsuite, Antwan executes award-winning multi-channel social media strategies. His talent as a photographer enables him to enhance brand storytelling with captivating visuals. As the Co-Founder of Red Bicycle, his visionary leadership ignites profound transformations for businesses. Through his unwavering commitment and creative expertise, Antwan elevates businesses to new levels of success, fostering growth and inspiring positive change in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.


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