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Film Rate Sheet

We bring our expertise, talent, and passion to every aspect of the production, from pre-production planning and location scouting, to on-set filming and post-production editing and special effects. Our film production crew is a tight-knit team, collaborating and problem-solving together to overcome any obstacles that come our way to ensure that the final product is a masterpiece of cinema and meets the creative goals of our clients.

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Rates are subject to change based on client needs and budget.


The role of the director in film is to oversee all aspects of the film production process, from pre-production to post-production. The director is responsible for translating the script into a visual medium, bringing the story to life and shaping the final product. The director must have a clear vision for the film and be able to effectively communicate that vision to the cast and crew to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal.

$1200/full day | $650/half day


The role of a producer in film is to oversee and manage all aspects of the production, from the initial concept through to the final distribution of the film. The producer is responsible for ensuring that the project stays on schedule and within budget, and that the creative vision of the director is realized. They help to secure financing for the project, including negotiating contracts with studios or other investors. Finally, the producer is responsible for marketing and distributing the film. This includes creating a marketing campaign, securing distribution deals with theaters or streaming services, and managing the release of the film to the public.

$900/full day | $500/half day

Camera Operator

The role of a camera operator in film is to operate the camera during the filming of a production. They work closely with the director to bring their vision to life and create a visually engaging and memorable film.

$800/full day | $450/half day


The role of the editor is crucial in shaping the final product of the film. They work closely with the director and other members of the post-production team to ensure that the film tells a compelling story, is visually engaging, and meets the creative goals of the production.

$650/full day | $350/half day


The role of a VFX (Visual Effects) artist in film is to create and enhance the visual elements that cannot be captured during filming. They use specialized software and tools to create computer-generated imagery (CGI) that integrates with live-action footage, adding layers of visual complexity to the film.

$550/full day | $325/ half day