Family Centre Bermuda


Family Centre  Cup Match Tag Day 2020
  • Written & Directed – Red Bicycle
  • Animation – Antwan Edwards, Kyle Simmons
  • Character Design – Kyle Simmons, Makim Ori, Emma Edwards
  • Environment Design – Emma Edwards. Makayla Paul
  • End Credit Illustrations – Kayla Jackson
  • Sound Design – Antwan Edwards, Makim Ori
  • Cinematographer – Kaz Godfrey

Summertime means it’s Cup Match time in Bermuda!

Cup Match is a public holiday unique to the island of Bermuda where Bermudians celebrate Emancipation Day and Mary Prince Day. Emancipation Day and the emancipation of slavery symbolizes one of the most significant moments in our history. Emancipation Day acknowledges a period in Bermudian history that shaped and continues to influence our society today. It is a time for reflection and rejoicing. It is a time for assessment, self-improvement and for planning the future. When the action was determined to abolish the practice of slavery we moved closer to the ideals of bringing our island community together.

The above is an extract from the CURE publication “Emancipation Day – A Day for Reconciliation & Reflection”, courtesy of the Department of Communication and Information.

Every year, Family Centre hosts a tag day event during Cup Match. Taggers spark team spirit across the entire island by sharing Family Centre’s festive ribbons and stickers, proudly sponsored by Clarien Bank, in team colours of Blue and Blue or Red and Blue!

This year the cricket game was cancelled, but traditions live on forever. The Family Centre and the rest of Bermuda found creative ways to celebrate what cup match is truly about. Family.

We wanted to honor the people that we see every year and the ones that couldn’t make it this year. We wanted to honor their voices, their outfits, and their traditions.

It’s 10 am. If you aren’t currently throwing back your honorary first ball shot, then are you really celebrating Cup Match? 2020 taught everyone that global pandemics happen, but don’t panic. It’s still Cup Match time in Bermuda.

The Voice of Bermuda, Sean Tucker helps us relive the first day of Cup Match. He takes us through his first game as an announcer and how exciting the games still are. The theatrics, the crowd, the excitement.

Each animation in this series has a theme, and here, we celebrate culture. Drinks and good vibes are always flowing on the crown and anchor tables at Cup Match and out on the water during the raft up. Every Cup Match, Bermudians put on their best fits to make and lose small fortunes. Who’s bringing the mac & cheese and bbq chicken to the raft up? Who has the best swizzle recipe? These are the important questions during the holiday. 

Together we debate and we go back and forth on who has the best team, the best colors, the best tent. This year we might be apart, but we’re together in so many other ways. Bermudians set up neighborhood cricket games, they organized small raft ups, they gathered at home. We still had our barbecues and celebrated Emancipation Day and Mary Prince Day in style. We wore our colors for the month of July and we bantered. 

We close out our series with a draw. Through every hurricane, or unforeseen circumstance such as the Covid – 19 pandemic, Bermuda has pulled together. Every single person worked hard to flatten the curve and reopen together. 

This series is a celebration of everyone. The cricket clubs, the teams, the vendors, and most importantly the fans. It’s a celebration of traditions, hair, outfits, drinks, food and everything that makes up Bermuda’s vibrant culture.

We've got our game face on.

For the facial animations of the characters, we turned to our tried and true source of inspiration and reference. Ourselves. We acted out and recorded the emotions and feelings that we’d want to see from our players on the pitch.

After Effects & Duik Bassel

Reference is one of the most important tools in an artists repertoire, and if you can’t find reference online, you do it yourself. With the power of Duik's rigging toolset, our team brought these characters to life.

Color Palette

I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way.







The opening overhead scene in animation one helps set the tone for the color palette of all 3 MoGraphs.


In Frames

With 3 weeks to produce 3 MoGraph animations, we chose a flat color palette and art style to facilitate a quick turnaround. We duplicated characters and environment assets and gave them different outfits and hair styles. We created patterns for facial hair, clothing and props. In the end credit sequence, these vector assets were recreated by Bermudian Illustrator, Kayla Jackson.

The love is real!

Audience Response

“This is perfect. Thank you again for providing such great work and showcasing our messaging just right. It was quite a journey, but you guys helped us get through it in a really positive way. Thank you for also giving ‘back’ in a major way that could not be remunerated if we tried.”

Thania RedmanRelationship Development Director

“Moral of the story: Bermudian Excellence”

Twitter User

“Bermuda creatives on the rise. We have so much talent right here on these pink shores.”

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